Meet Shelby. A hustler for harmony who is usually day dreaming about vegetable gardens and bamboo toothbrushes. 

With an education in land and food systems along with work experience in the fields of environmentalism, holistic health and human trafficking, I am thrilled to begin a lifestyle change and conversation oriented toward the ethical treatment of the earth and it’s people through My New Neighbour.

Meet Teagan. A creative minded type ‘A’ personality with a love for all things design.

I truly believe that with each purchase we make, we are making a statement about our values and are creating the kind of world we and future generations will live in. I love seeing the growing commitment of Canadians to shop local and am dedicated to encouraging the community to purchase items made with a purpose.

Together, We seek to combine our passion for ethical living by initiating a dialogue about the lives of the people and places we carry with us through every garment we purchase. We will be exploring the “how-tos” of buying locally and ethically in Canada. We will be exposing how our pursuit of fashion or simply purchasing basic garments can ultimately change another individual’s life from trapped to empowered, from terrible to terrific, from survival to revival.