The Year of Ethical Fashion

What began as a one year commitment to kick off My New Neighbour has quickly turned into a much welcomed long term lifestyle change. The challenge of a "Year of Ethical Fashion" seemed wild and exciting as the seeds for My New Neighbour were planted in our imaginations many months ago. We intended to commit to one year of ethical fashion where everything we bought (for our wardrobes) would be strictly purchased from an ethical producer, second hand, swapped or borrowed. Our overall goal was to consume less and shop more consciously. Through this we hoped to gain a greater awareness and deeper understanding of our neighbours locally, nationally and internationally. As we pursued this commitment it began to blossom into something we couldn't help but pursue long term. We are still just beginning this journey of ethical shopping and look forward to learning (a lot!) along the way. 

The "Year of Ethical Fashion" is a widespread movement that is a challenging and exciting way to start creating a conscious closet. It gives one the chance to put faces to the brands that we buy and represent with our clothes. Check out the hashtag #yoef on your favourite social media platforms to see how others around the world are pursuing this commitment. 

We encourage you to consider a commitment similar to this as a step towards a life of more intentional living. Perhaps one month or half a year is more fitting to where you are at right now; know that the decision to just give it a try is admirable and noble in itself! But honestly, we are convinced that you will be overcome with the thrill and delight of shopping with a purpose! 

We will be posting about the challenges and triumphs of our commitment to ethical fashion with an overarching vision of proving that shopping with a heart is not only do-able, it is simply joyful.

Check out our Buyerarchy to see the exact steps we are taking to go about this commitment.