Men's Ethical Clothing - Our Favourites


The female voice in the ethical fashion game is strong, which is awesome! (who run the world, amiright?!) But we know there are a lot of fellas out there who are also looking to up their ethical fashion game, and we applaud you sirs. You are next level. You are cooler than Ryan Gosling's jacket in Blade Runner. 

My New Neighbour's goal is to provide a resource to help ERRYBODY shop more consciously, so it's about time we did a men's ethical fashion feature! 

Below, our favourite ethical fashionistos are featured wearing their treasured ethical clothing finds. Tried and true, these brands are top notch choices to get anyone started on their ethical fashion journey or to consciously add to their closet.

All clothing was bought and loved by choice. The exceptions are the Tense watch and Miik longsleeve which were gifted to us. 


Style: Keepin' it simple  |  Favourite brand: Everlane


Vian is often recognized 'round these parts for his achievement in height. That said, it isn't easy to find clothes that fit right. Everlane's t-shirts and Naked and Famous jeans have been winners for him! 


T Shirt: Everlane
Jeans: Naked and Famous
Backpack: Everlane
Shoes: Veja
Socks: Friday Sock Co. 
If you have x-ray vision you might be interested to know that Vian is also wearing Pact underwear


T Shirt: Everlane
Jeans: Naked and Famous
Shoes: Nae
Socks: Friday Sock Co. 
As a vegan, it takes extra effort to find non-leather shoes, especially dress shoes. Lucky for Vian (and all of us), The Grinning Goat recently opened in Calgary offering vegan everything! These Nae shoes are Vian's first purchase from The Grinning Goat and he is loving their minimal look and luscious comfort.


Scope that classy, vegan and eco-friendly watch! Tense Watches are handmade in Vancouver from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood. They are powered by Miyota Watch Movements from Japan. 


Style: Laid back with class  |  Favourite Brand: Sitka


Brandon works a lot of hours during the week, so when he has time off he wants to wear clothing he can rely on to be stylish, comfortable and durable for long walks, big hikes and date nights with his boo.

Plaid: Sitka
Tee: Wings + Horns
Jeans: Wings + Horns


Hoodie: Reigning Champ
White Longsleeve: Miik
Beanie: Illustrated Example


One of Brandon's first #investmentpieces after his switch to ethical fashion was this gorgeous pair of Poppy Barley shoes. A Canadian company offering custom sized shoes made in factories that honour fair wages, worker's rights and freedoms, health and safety, training, and opportunity. These comfy beauts have been worth every penny! 


Style: Nerdy chic  |  Favourite Brand: Patagonia


Zach is a loyalist. Once he finds a brand or piece that works he will buy it again and again, forever. He isn't a fan of shopping, so when he buys something it better fit well and it better last through rainy bike rides, mountain adventures and sweaty band practices.  


Longsleeve Thermal: Patagonia
Pants: Naked and Famous
Shoes: Veja
Jacket: Patagonia


T shirt: Krochet Kids
Plaid: Beloved hand-me-down from his dad
Jeans: Nudie


Sweater: Krochet Kids
Pants: Muttonhead
Shoes: Veja
Socks: Friday Sock Co.


When Zach needed new sneakers, he was nervous! What could possibly replace his old Nikes?! After thoroughly researching Vejas, he put all his inhibitions aside and ordered a pair. He is quite happy with his decision! These shoes are comfortable even after a long day on his feet and still look great after a year of constant wear, including many bike rides through surprise rainstorms. 

Other brands worth exploring: 

  • Alberta Apparel: Casual wear designed in Alberta, made in Canada. A company fiercely passionate about keeping production local.

  • Anian: Made in Vancouver with natural fibre fabrics. Home to Canada's first 100% off the grid retail store.

  • Brave Gentleman: Vegan, sustainably made menswear including suits, casual wear and shoes

  • Commonwealth Manufacturing: Simple, classic and enduring pieces, made in Winnipeg.

  • MEC: Responsibly made outdoor wear and supplies.

  • Power of My People: Steadfast men's shirts that transition between causal and office. Made in Vancouver.

Stores to Shop in YYC:

Check our features on two brands mentioned by our fashionistos: Krochet KidsPatagonia.

All photos by Vian Esterhuizen Photography