A Conscious Christmas Celebration

As we continue to dive into the world of ethical fashion, we have found it to be more than just a random collection of people doing things with intention. It is proving to be a welcoming community of inspiring and encouraging people, who thrive on the success of others who are also looking to make it easier and more exciting for the consumer to shop with ethical intentions.

The openness of this community to collaboration, paired with our excitement about the amazing ethical companies we keep coming across, galvanized the creation of My New Neighbour's Conscious Christmas Celebration. For this celebration we invited a few of our favourite conscious companies, Buttercream Clothing, 31 Bits and a friend who handcrafts body care items, to bring their products into our home for a night of learning, shopping and mingling with our friends. 

It was so thrilling to have a platform to share with our friends what we have been learning about ethical fashion, while also allowing a couple of our favourite brands to share their story. We will be posting more in depth posts about both 31 Bits and Buttercream Clothing soon!