Brand Love: Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids is a brand we admire. The company-wide transparency and holistic involvement in their employee's lives make it a warm, fuzzy, feel-good shopping experience.

In collaboration with Deanna Rachel Photography, we put together some photos of us wearing our favourite Krochet Kids pieces to share their inspiring story! 

Krochet Kids is your typical story of three crocheting high school boys who ultimately go on to use this skill to completely alter the lives of women and families in Uganda and Peru. Well, maybe not so typcial... maybe more like radical and exceptional!

It began with three young men crocheting their own headgear to use while snowboarding. The unique pieces eventually caught the attention of their peers and they began doing custom orders. A local newspaper soon dubbed them the "Krochet Kids".  As they grew older, the guys began to travel to areas of the world facing widespread poverty. They witnessed the deep need for opportunity instead of hand outs, and soon came to realize that teaching women how to crochet could potentially help their families rise out of poverty.

The 'Kids' raised money and awareness to support their idea for a business that would sell items crocheted by vulnerable women in Uganda, internationally. Before long they found themselves in a brick hut with a group of women and some yarn. The women quickly picked up the new skill and Krochet Kids International was born.

Today, Krochet Kids International (KKi) empowers vulnerable women in both Uganda and Peru, enabling them to rise above poverty through steady work, education, and mentorship. Learn more about their work in Uganda HERE and their work in Peru HERE.

Meet the country Director of KKi's program in Uganda:

Their extensive monitoring and evaluation system has proven that through KKi programming, women experience increased income, increased savings, increased access to healthcare, increased gender equality and more children enrolled in school.

Watch this video to learn more about their empowerment model:

There are multiple ways you can get involved with Krochet Kids:

  • Purchase their clothing! The BEST part of this is that each piece of clothing is hand signed by the woman who created it, AND you can go online to write her a personal thank you note. Check out some of the previous notes written by happy customers by clicking on one of their beautiful participant's pictures HERE
  • Become a monthly donor to support their empowerment programs. Through this monthly commitment you receive exclusive product offers, monthly updates and are contributing to the education and support needed for the women of Krochet Kids to truly rise above poverty.
  • Intern with Krochet Kids in California, Peru or Uganda

Beyond their hand signed garments and holistic empowerment model, My New Neighbour loves Krochet Kid's blog with insightful news from every part of the world they are working in, retail spotlights and gift guides. Their holistic and ever-improving approach to positive production, from creator to consumer, was recently spotlighted with their development of the "World's Greatest Beanie".

We invite you to explore Krochet Kids' online shop and social media. Their stories, intentionality and innovative aesthetic are sure to inspire!


What we're wearing... Zach: Colton Sweater layered with his father's hand-me-down flannel; Shelby: Marni Long Sleeve paired with the Lilly slouchy hat; Teagan: Pocket Crew Sweater paired with the Arizona knit headband; Brandon: Pocket Sweater layered with the Standard Tee and the Hutton scarf, topped with the 5207.5 beanie.

To celebrate a shared love of KKi, Joanne Luk created this charming paperdoll illustration of us with our favourite Krochet Kids pieces, check out our Instagram to see more!

Illustration By Joanne Luk

Illustration By Joanne Luk

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