Documentary: Worn Wear

Next week we will be posting a detailed look into the game-changing values and standards being set by Patagonia.

In light of this upcoming post, we'd like to share this heart-warming short film that captures the stories of some awe-inspiring people who have learned "the value of quality in what we own and how we live".

Set on a backdrop of magnificent Earthly wonders, the film shares how several individuals have seen their Patagonia garments stand the test of time while they come to realize how important it is for us to decrease our impact on the planet by buying less. Not only does buying high quality, consciously made clothing decrease our impact on the environment, it allows us to pass cherished memories experienced in the long-lasting garment down for generations. A meaningful emblem of a full life and hope for the future, now often lost as we settle for cheap 'fast fashion' items that can't quite last long enough to tell any sort of story... besides that of regret for buying poorly made clothing.

Watch Worn Wear to be inspired, enlightened and excited about the "stories we wear"!