Shop Smart: 1 Top, 6 Outfits

A formula we have been following to keep a conscious and trendy closet is:

High Quality Basics + Timeless Investment Pieces + Trendy Thrifted Items = a Sustainable and Stylish wardrobe

In this post we are featuring Free Label's Betty Tank and Johnny Tee as a high quality basic that can transition between many different outfits and occasions using timeless investment pieces and a few trendy items.  Free Label's pieces are created in small batches to reduce waste and made using Earth-friendly materials including bamboo and organic cotton. Their production takes place in Vancouver and Toronto where their team is paid fair wages in a safe working environment. To top it all off, their tops are soft, comfortable and versatile!

Intentionally investing in a few high quality and ethically made basics allows one to curate a long-lasting and versatile wardrobe. In doing this the buyer reduces their environmental impact, supports dignified working conditions, frees themselves from the fast fashion machine AND always looks chic!

Continue reading for our strategies to transition 1 Free Label basic into 6 different outfits!

Yoga Class

Johnny Tee paired with  Inner Fire leggings

Johnny Tee paired with Inner Fire leggings

  • Bamboo fabric - anti-bacterial, breathable and moisture wicking, bamboo is an active wear essential

  • Exaggerated baseball hem - transition directly from work-out to chic with an exaggerated hem that keeps things classy while you run errands or meet up with friends

The Great Outdoors 

Betty Tank paired with  Wild & Raven leggings

Betty Tank paired with Wild & Raven leggings

  • Stay warm - bamboo cuts UV rays while also providing breathable warmth. The lightweight fabric and minimalist design make the Betty Tank comfortable to layer under your favourite flannel or fleece.

  • Full coverage - the exaggerated baseball hem and high to low hem detail ensure fellow hikers are admiring the mountainous scenery instead of your charming behind!

To easily transition the tank or tee from basic to polished, simply add a layer and accessory to your outfit. We've laid out the ways we do this for different occasions below:

Weekend Hangouts 

Thoughtful layers take Free Label's basics from casual to trendy. We've paired the tops with:

  • An interesting accessory - a textured printed scarf from Kristin Norris or a bold necklace from CoutuKitsch add intrigue to a casual look

  • A timeless layer - a denim button up withstands changing trends and is an edgy way to add warmth

  • Coloured denim - a favourite of ours for all occassions by Yoga Jeans from Studio Intent

  • Boots that were made for walkin' - boots from Everlane (Teagan) and Poppy Barley (Shelby) comfortably escort us on our weekend wanders



Free Label's ultra comfy Betty Tank is a superb choice to get you through the often uncomfortable necessities of travel. We combined the tank with:

  • A cozy sweater - perfect to double as a blanket or pillow during a long flight

  • A simple necklace - this Thrive Lifestyle necklace is easy to remove for those bitter sweet airport security adventures

The Office

To create a polished, work ready look, we combined our Free Label Johnny Tee with:

  • A high waisted skirt (or pants) - our current fave is by Yoga Jeans purchased from Studio Intent

  • A thrifted blazer - a blazer is a timeless investment piece that instantly creates a professional look. They can often be found at your favourite consignment shops.

  • A collared necklace - take a comfy tee from casual to elegant almost magically with a conservative piece of jewellery 

A Night Out

 Free Label's Betty Tank easily transforms into an edgy and glamorous outfit ideal for a night out. We styled it with: 

  • Textured outerwear - a leather jacket or sparkly cover up makes ERRYBODY look cool!

  • Layered jewellery - something about long layered necklaces make us feel like a boss-lady! Shelby is wearing necklaces from The Shine Project.

  • Light denim - comfy, Canadian and cute, Yoga Jeans are a go-to for a sleek yet comfortable bottom.

1 Free Label top - 6 outfits! By consciously choosing well made basics, timeless layers and fun accessories, you can curate a minimalist yet stylish wardrobe that lowers your environmental impact, supports mindful production practices and keeps you looking polished all while saving you time and money. 

Props to our photographer Vian Esterhuizen!