Local Love: Fond Boutique

Fond Boutique initially caught our eye at Market Collective with their curated collection of noticeably unique mid to high end brands, all collected second hand. This Instagram-based consignment shop offers those who do not have the time or will to sift through racks upon racks at second hand stores an opportunity to shop beautifully maintained second hand clothing. Fond Boutique allows the shopper to save time, pay significantly less for high end brands, reduce their consumer waste by buying second hand and receive personal styling help from Tanya, the brains and beauty behind Fond Boutique. You can often find Fond Boutique at Market Collective and Commonwealth Collector's Club OR book a private appointment to shop the collection.

We recently collaborated with Fond Boutique and Vian Esterhuizen to showcase the beautiful collection of second hand apparel and accessories, Tanya's inspiring styling abilities and the heart behind Fond. Check out the photos of outfits she styled for us out from the boutique as well as our interview with this fashion innovator!

MNN: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

T: I’ve lived in Calgary all my life. Entrepreneurship was intriguing to me at a young age, and I caught a glimpse helping friends who had started a clothing company just out of high school. From design, to creative direction and hair and makeup during shoots, to bartending at events - I was able to touch so many aspects of the business. I loved being able to add value in the gaps and watch it all come together. I realized early on that working didn’t have to feel like work and creativity pays off.

Marketing really struck a cord later on, so when an internship opportunity with an agency was presented, I happily latched on during the final year of school. I never looked back and have since fallen hopelessly in love with the field.

MNN: Tell us what Fond Boutique is all about. 

T: Fond Boutique started about 7 months ago. The idea struck after an amusing gal party/clothing swap. While clearing the piles of great, uncalled for items I realized that there was simply too much clothing in the world! What was the point of buying new?

I’ve always been a consignment/thrift fiend, but felt like I had to bounce around the city to get what I was looking for – not to mention the hours spent sifting! I also started to note the response with mention that my outfit was entirely secondhand. I felt the predominance of the stigma attached to secondhand shopping, either that it was dirty or a method for those with less in their pockets. I was recently in Japan, where consignment collections can be found in stunning boutiques that are coveted just as much as the fashion houses. This was inspiring to me; I knew I wanted to bring it back home.

The concept for Fond Boutique transpired from a light-bulb moment about what was missing from the city – I knew I wanted to provide an elegant and meaningful shopping experience with a curated, quality and style driven collection.

MNN: Where do you look for your consignment pieces?

T: Value Village! Fond Boutique’s collection began with items from those racks. I also love Vespucci’s designer section and when I am lucky and in Toronto, I Miss You Vintage has an incredible couture selection. 

MNN: What is your vision for yourself? For Fond Boutique?

T: It’s ambitious, but I want to help to rewire the perception of consignment/secondhand shopping. I want to help cultivate a sense of pride in the experience, and empower woman in their choice to reuse and repurpose fashion. 

I am also passionate about educating customers about the fast fashion industry that continues to gain tremendous growth. As consumers we have the power to end this by simply spending consciously. There may always be a desire to change up wardrobes; recycling clothing allows for a closet overhaul while cutting the waste.

MNN: How would you describe your personal style?

T: Basic chic. Give me a black turtleneck, good denim and pair of Chucks and I am set and feeling my best. Oh, and maybe a shiny bangle...

MNN: Who do you admire?

T: Livia Firth for her work with sustainable fashion. My sister for having a strong voice, deep heart and unwavering dedication. 

MNN: Tell us what you love about Calgary.

T: Calgary feels like a place where collaboration is widely accepted and a preferred method in business. Growth feels possible in every industry. 

MNN: What is your favorite place to eat in Calgary?

T:  Model Milk and Suzette Bistro

MNN: Complete the sentences below...

T: My proudest moment was … Anytime I look back on my life and realize I don’t have any major regrets (yet!)

My favourite way to relax is … Records, red wine and home-cooked meal with my man. 

I’d love to explore … South America or the Italian coastline. Exploring Erin Wasson’s closet would also be pretty wonderful. She has the perfect amount of edge.

My perfect day would be … A flight to anywhere. Traveling gives me energy, and airports are one of my favourite places to watch and observe. 

Calgary is home because … It’s where I’ve grown the most.

As previously mentioned, you can find Fond Boutique at markets around Calgary as well as book private appointments to shop Fond's collection.

For individuals interested in consigning with Fond, Tanya offers 30-50% back depending on quality, condition and brand. Fond is about building relationships, so once you are a consigner, you will receive 15% off every purchase with the boutique. 

For more information on Fond Boutique or any of the clothing items featured in this post, email Tanya at info@fondboutique.com.