Finding Your Sustainable Style in YYC

Many of us know the fashion industry hides a lot of dirty deeds, and we've let them get away with it for a long time (if you don't believe us, watch this documentary or this mini series to get a sense of the stories behind our clothes). To combat this, Fashion Revolution week was established. Its goal is to raise awareness of exploitation in the fashion supply chain. Fashion Revolution encourages consumers to take a picture of the tag on their clothes and ask the brand on social media "who made my clothes"! 


Just in time for Fashion Revolution week, the Calgary-based REAP Business Association held an event to showcase Calgary's leaders in sustainable fashion and cosmetics. The event offered locals an opportunity to directly connect with the people behind the ethical fashion and cosmetic movement in Calgary.

The up and coming Alberta Apparel and the innovative Lowen's Skincare were featured speakers. Alberta Apparel shared their pursuit of creating Calgary's Localest T-shirt while Lowen's showcased their Be Local natural lip balm, touting an ingredient list that is 80% locally sourced. We found both brands to have impressive products, inspiring "ethics" and a contagious passion for their product.

A list of all the vendors can be found here: Be Local Down To Earth Week 2016

We loved that the purpose of this event was not to buy and sell, but to learn. Because brands weren't focused solely on moving product, there was ample opportunity to connect with each person about the story behind what they do. 

Starting a journey towards an ethical wardrobe can seem daunting or inaccessible, but Sustainable Style YYC proves that this is just not the case. A growing movement of makers creating beautiful, intentionally made products is happening, right under your nose! Supporting local producers is an uplifting experience that nourishes important and heart warming real-life connections while also supporting creativity and sustainability in your community... an experience buying from big chain stores will simply never give you. 

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