Ethical Wedding

Ethical Bridal Lingerie

For some of us, our wedding is the first time we ever consider buying lingerie, for others it's just another exciting opportunity to add to a curated collection. Either way, wedding lingerie is designed to make us feel damn fine on a very special day and we think that should start from the moment we purchase it. 

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5 Ways To Find Ethical Flowers

The undeniable glory of flowers is often tainted with unethical production methods. But don’t despair! This doesn’t mean flowers are no longer an option to the conscious consumer. Read on to learn more about the flower industry and 5 ways to find ethical flowers.

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Ethical Wedding Dresses

THE DRESS! Ranging from obsession to quick purchase, wedding dresses in all their shapes and sizes are an integral part of most weddings. There's nothing like stepping into a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, but can it be done as a conscious consumer? Is it possible to honour your sustainable style values when shopping for a wedding dress? 

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