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Support Local In Hawaii: An Unconventional Travel Guide To Oahu

What's a lover of small businesses and local makers to do in a place overrun by touristy sights and shops? They keep searching! Teagan's travels in Honolulu, Hawaii had her overwhelmed with tourist attractions, longing for authentic Hawaiian makers. Keeping her eyes peeled for local gems, she was able to find some unconventional attractions that tickled her #shoplocal fancies.  

Read on for a list of Teagan's favourite "unconventional" attractions in Oahu, Hawaii!

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Hawaii In A Carry On: Packing A Capsule Wardrobe

"Less is more" is a mantra we are trying to adopt as we simplify our wardrobes to mostly high quality and versatile pieces. This can make mixing and matching garments for outfits a simpler process, removing some of that daily "but what will I WEAR?!" stress. It's a strategy that many call building a "capsule wardrobe". A wardrobe that is small but mighty! Thoughtfully gathering these types of pieces is also helpful when it comes to travel!

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Natural Winter Skincare

As a new chill to the air rolls in we are reminded of the joys of this new season like snug sweaters, warm drinks and the tender falling snowflakes that romanticize our evenings. At the same time, we can't help but also be reminded that living in the prairies of Canada means our skin suddenly becomes dry, itchy and unpredictable in the wintery months. As skin becomes extra sensitive with the changing of seasons, it is the perfect time to search for non-toxic, all natural products that will protect and nourish your skin. Check out our post on Conscious Cosmetics to learn more about why buying natural products is so important for you and for the planet.

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Conscious Cosmetics

As we examine the impact of the clothes we buy, we can't help but examine the impact of another important part of our regular spending - beauty products. The average person uses tons of cosmetic products everyday - shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, hairspray, makeup, perfume, etc. Unfortunately it has become the norm for cosmetic companies to put harmful chemicals in these products to cover up bad smells, ensure a product has a long shelf life, create a particular feel or colour, release a strong scent...the list could go on! These chemicals can cause skin irritation, hormone and internal organ dysfunction, neurotoxicity, pollute our natural environment and are often ruthlessly tested on animals.

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