Why Ethical?

Sweatshop Video Series

The series does an excellent job of tastefully yet honestly highlighting the realities of the lives of the people sewing clothes for large chain fashion companies. Quite quickly the three Norwegians go from carefree to utterly disturbed by the many facets of injustice that workers in the textile industry must endure.

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The Buyerarchy of Needs

We've decided to use a “Buyerarchy” of Needs as a visual “how to” in pursuing ethical fashion. We hope it will give you inspiration and motivation in regards to the many ways you can pursue conscious shopping. We encourage you to see where on the Buyerarchy your shopping habits can fit into!

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The Year of Ethical Fashion

What began as a one year commitment to kick off My New Neighbour has quickly turned into a much welcomed long term lifestyle change. The challenge of a "Year of Ethical Fashion" seemed wild and exciting as the seeds for My New Neighbour were planted in our imaginations many months ago.

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