My New Neighbour is a conscious living resource created by three friends who want to break free of mindless materialism and meet our "new" neighbours.

As the world globalizes, we must take responsibility for how our actions impact people we will never meet. We believe we must re-define the term "neighbour" to include the people around the world whose lives are interwoven with ours by the things we decide to purchase. These people are our "new" neighbours, and we are learning how to love these new neighbours through conscious shopping.


Photo by Vian Esterhuizen

Meet Shelby.

Role: Communication Lead

Background: A social justice fanatic with a soft spot for keeping the planet beautiful, Shelby’s involvement with My New Neighbour allows her to creatively explore her desire to seek justice for people and the planet. With her education in Community Nutrition at UBC and her current pursuit of a Social Work degree in Calgary, she dreams of using her education to contribute to making her community a more conscious & compassionate place. When no one’s around Shelby is either trying to teach herself guitar or looking for second hand outdoor gear on Kijiji.

Favourite Ethical Brand: Patagonia

Inspired By: Radical transparency  


Meet Teagan.

Role: Design Lead

Background: Teagan’s penchant for timeless style and supporting local artisans inspires her involvement in My New Neighbour while giving her the opportunity to continually discover and connect with talented makers. With an education in Information Design, Teagan works in marketing and as a freelance graphic designer creating charming stationery and branding for local businesses. On weekends you can find her perusing local markets or making her way to the Cat Cafe.

Favourite Ethical Brand: Elizabeth Suzann

Inspired By : Canadian artisans


Photo by Vian Esterhuizen
Photo by Allison Seto

Meet Vian.

Role: Marketing Lead / Photographer

Background: A native South African, most of Vian’s life has consisted of travelling the world and building websites. After 13 years of being a vegan, Vian decided to take his conscious lifestyle to the next level and join My New Neighbour to become the most ethical human ever. He is currently a freelance photographer and web developer who spends his free time biking everywhere and researching how he, his wife and his cats, can visit another planet one day.

Favourite Ethical Brand: Pact

Inspired By : Entrepreneurs who are taking risks to create ethical businesses and a more sustainable industry


We seek to combine our passion for ethical living by initiating a dialogue about the lives of the people and places we carry with us through every purchase. We will be exploring the “how-tos” of buying locally and ethically in Canada. We will be exposing how our purchases can ultimately change another individual’s life from trapped to empowered, from terrible to terrific, from survival to revival.